Alright, Stop What You’re Doing

Cuz there is apparently a gigantic Humpty Hump head sitting out in a warehouse in Oakland, California… and it could be yours.

Here are some details possibly from shock-g himself:

• dimensions are 12ft high by 16 ft wide at it’s base.
• splits into 3 pieces for smaller storage or transport.
• required an 18-wheel truck to transport and a 4-man fork lift team to move.
• full dressing room inside, w/electric elevator that lifts out thru nose.
• also has metal stairs inside and nose-door opens manually as well, in case of electric failure.
• sunglasses light up and scroll circular light patterns around the rims.
• the lips and chin double as steps to walk down to stage.

“whoever grabs it up, please stay in touch, and when we next need it again, i’ll reimburse your transport, storage & cleaning expenses up to the current date, to either buy it back or rent it out if it’s no longer for sale.” – shkg

No exact info on how to locate it though…

via, steven hughes / egotrip

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