Mougin & Piquard x J.Crew Grande Seconde Stainless Steel Watch

Wrist Worthy

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  1. AnonGuy

    Do not buy a Quartz watch for $400. No matter what ‘fashion’ name has been lovingly inscribed on the face. You might vaguely impress some clueless social climbers but the rest of us will snicker at your gullability. If you want a Fliger-style watch go vintage, get the real deal ( Maratac pilot ) or if you’re cheap get the Timex version, it’s no worse than the one you have posted here.

  2. Watchguy

    This is essentially a canal street knock off of a Flieger – , complete with crap-o garbage innards, but instead of being $10 dollars you get to pay $400. Buy two! Even a typical fake rolex has more dignity than this (at least they put a watch movement in it).


    I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews of this watch, 100% of which come from either watch snobs (biggest dweebs of all time) or people who are cheap and would rather blow a man than spend a little money on something they like.

    What I’m saying is this. This watch is the only watch that looks EXACTLY like this. So, if you want this watch, buy this watch. You can MAYBE find a “flieger” that is SIMILAR but most that I’ve seen are automatic and cost thousands of dollars. Are you that big of a nerd that you’ll spend thousands more on a watch because it’s automatic? Then you should really re-evaluate your life. Nobody will ever know the difference. Or you can buy one for a couple hundred cheaper that’s similar looking to this one. Unfortunately, you’ll always know that’s it’s not this watch, and you’ll be sad all the time and you’ll cry.

    Watches are jewelry. If you like the way this piece of jewelry looks, spend the $450 and be a badass. What I’m saying is, I’m a badass and I’m wearing this watch as we speak.

  4. Lou

    You can tell a watch has an automatic movement by the sweeping of the second hand. The second hands on quartz movements tick from one second to the next – they don’t “sweep” gracefully around the dial. That right there is indicative of timeless style which you incidentally don’t have to pay “thousands” for – the way watches have been made for hundreds of years. Not nerdy at all, but tastefully purist as all purveyors of good taste purport.

    There are definitely automatic fliegers to be had at or below this price point.

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