The history and making of a KA-BAR

The Banana Board

Lance Mountain and Gold Cup have collaborated to bring back and upgrade the 1970’s classic.

Available here

Food Sketches

Erin Yang makes abstract illustrations of food she enjoys when eating out. Above is the Kung Pao Pastrami with peanuts, celery, red peppers and Tianjin chiles from Mission Chinese in NYC.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Bros., a parody of Girls

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Go For The Gold

Nerd out with some gameplay after the jump

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Internet Porn is Seasonal

Who knew?

From a paper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior

“Harmonic analyses were used to examine the seasonal trends of Google keyword searches during the past 5 years for topics related to pornography, prostitution, and mate-seeking. Results indicated a consistent 6-month harmonic cycle with the peaks of keyword searches related to sex and mating behaviors occurring most frequently during winter and early summer.”

Thanks, Science!

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Today’s Supernatural

The first single from Animal Collective’s upcoming album Centipede Hz.

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The amount paid at auction for Todd McFarlane’s cover art to “Amazing Spider-Man” no. 328 from 1990. It is now the expensive piece of original American comic art ever purchased.

Morning Dose of The 8-Bit Games

Way more advanced than EPYX.

Adriana Lima is Practicing for Brazil 2016

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Michael Jang

This Week…

We Looked Through The Evolution of Skateboard Art

Vice took acid and went to the Westminster Dog Show

We made a slideshow of pretty tattooed ladies

Komafest happened in Norway

Ruby Sparks opened in theaters

Banksy went to the Olympics


Zoe Duchesne was our Muse

How MF Doom Got His Mask

Lord Scotch explains.

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Otto, The G Wag That Went Around The World

Gunther Holtorf’s 18-month tour of Africa turned into 23-year road trip across the globe.

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25 Grams: Peter Funch

We’ve returned once again to 25 Grams, a new feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite photographer’s instagram feeds.

Peter Funch is a Danish photographer living and working in New York City.

He can be followed on instagram at @peterfunch

Up All Night

Front Line Assembly, Plasticity

Horsepower LULZ

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Reminisce Over This

Biz Markie, Vapors, 1988

Saber & Revok at Known Gallery

Opening this Saturday night.

Weekend Watching: The Carter

Lil Wayne, the documentary. Watch it in full.

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