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I’ve never been much of a fan of Glenn Danzig, the solo artist. Actually, that song “Mother” he did a few years ago was as painful to me as getting a vasectomy by a doctor with a fork and a spoon without any anesthesia. But Glenn Danzig, lead singer for Samhaim or the Misfits, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Back then, his hair was shorter, he was more pissed off and his songs made me want to fight. When I found out I was interviewing Mr. Danzig, I was hoping that I would get to interview the other guy, the ex-lead singer of the Misfits. But that’s impossible, ‘cause he’s dead. Instead, I got the “Mother” guy.


Are you originally from Lodi, NJ? 

Yeah, I grew up in Lodi. I also grew up in Revere Beach in Boston and in Manhattan.


What is it they got out there?


Yeah, but what’s that place where they teach nuns to be nuns?

Felician Community College.


That’s the hot spot, huh?

I don’t think so.


You got this new album out. Is there anything you wanna tell me about it?

What do you wanna know about it?


What do you wanna tell me about it? It’s your record.

It’s a fucking awesome record. I love it. It’s pretty dark; it’s pretty aggressive. I don’t know what else to say.


Whatever happened with Hollywood? You lost a record in there.

Oh fuck, we were three weeks into our deal when Roy Disney found out we were signed to his label. One of the reasons I went there is they also offered me my own label, and no one was going to screw with me. My old lawyer left a long time ago to run Hollywood and got totally screwed over. But everyone assured us that it was different, and I met with a bunch of people they hired who I knew, so I thought it was going to be a pretty good situation. It was the biggest load of bullshit. Roy Disney pulled the plug on us. He saw this “Tower Pulse” cartoon where I was shaking hands with someone, Mickey Mouse had 666 on his head, there were upside down crosses, and people were on rides burning. People started sending emails and faxes and calling to protest that we were on the label. It was a very fucked up situation. Long story short, we finally got out of there, got a settlement and started recording Danzig 6:66.


Where are the best groupies?

I think girls that come out to the show are pretty much the same everywhere.


How about the different eras: Misfits, Samhain, Danzig?

Clearly Samhain and Danzig had the better girls. There weren’t many girls on the Misfits tour.


Have any good groupie stories you’d like to share?

I don’t like calling them groupies, they’re female fans. I’m sure there are groupies out there but I don’t think for the most part that the girls who come to our show are actually groupies.


You ever have a stalker?

You always have stalkers. There are so many, it just becomes normal after a while.


Do you think it’s weird that the Misfits are still touring?



You’d never go see the show, would you?

No, not the Misfits. I think it would have more credibility if they never did a band before it, and if Jerry called it the “Jerry Only Band” because there are no original members in it except for him. The singer and songwriter is not in the band. It just lacks any kind of credibility whatsoever except let’s make some money off this and beat it into the ground.


You’re a pretty burly guy. You think you could kick that new singer’s ass?

You know what… only time will tell.


Jerry said you can only have your head up your ass so long and he thinks that the two of you will work together again.

It’ll never happen. If anyone’s got his head up his ass, it’s him. I’m not the one out on the road calling something the Misfits that’s not, OK? So, let’s get real about it.


Are you, in your personal life, actually Satanic?

I would say certain aspects of me are, yeah.


You don’t go to Satanic church do you?

No. I don’t believe in churches.


What do you like to do to relax?

Punch shit, watch videos, maybe hang out with some friends, just kick back.


Hey, you live over by Los Feliz…

Hey, I’d rather you not talk about where I live, motherfucker. I got enough people coming by my house going, “Glenn! Mother!”


But you live in a regular suburban house?

Yeah, I don’t live in no mansion or nothing like that, just a regular house.


Your house isn’t painted black with tombstones around it or nothing like that?

No, it’s not painted black. You know how hot that would be in California, man? You might as well put some hotdogs in there and have a roast.


How about the inside? Painted black, no?

No, the inside’s got some stone, like castle rock, and all basics, no colors.


How about the basement—a personal bondage dungeon or anything like that?

It’s pretty fucked up.


Originally printed in WYWS Issue #8

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