Picture of the Day

Zhao Huasen

The Cat Be Unemployed

Despot’s tour t-shirt in collaboration with the Smart Crew and Klughaus is Chinatown ready.

Painting That Healthy Lifestyle

Blu lends some street art cred to vegetarians at the DesOrdes Creativas 2012.

Detailed shots here

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Lunchtime Laughter

Periods. Forefathers.

$1.35 million

How much it’ll cost you to get your own 4.4-ton 13-ft tall Mechsuit.

See one in action after the jump

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The Cardiff Kook Gets a Banksy Tribute

Cardiff-by-the-Sea’s favorite target for family friendly vandalism is made over as Banksy’s Flower Thrower, accompanied by an assortment of characters of walls past.

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A Game of Chess

A film by Marcel Dzama from 2011.

Here Comes The Solar Storm

This past Saturday, a medium-sized solar flare erupted on the sun. Today at around 11 am on the East Coast, the weak wave of plasma and charged particles will approach the Earth’s atmosphere. “Polar geomagnetic storms are possible.”

Morning Dose of Wealth & Beauty

This Dior ad makes me want to put on a $3000 suit and play an erotic game of freeze tag with these girls in the garden.

How A North Korean’s Record Stall at an Indoor Swap Meet in Compton Became a Gangsta Rap Destination

The Story of Wan Joon Kim and Cycadelic Records

(thanks Wade!)

photograph: Wally Skalij

Picture of the Day

Guy Bourdin

Trophy Hunters

Not really too hot on killing for vanity, especially when it’s done with a gun and a scope.

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