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Marcella Sbraletta is…

Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day



So this is what it looks like when things go terribly wrong while drifting cars in Saudi. (Don’t watch unless you can deal with death and dismemberment.)

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The Dolemite Bobblehead Exists

Unfortunately, there’s no button to press for quotes, but this’ll do just fine anyway.

Babes of Yore: Anna Karina

Anna Karina is a Danish-born, French actress who was the muse of the director, Jean-Luc Godard.


UP All Night

Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen

Apparently, the Sex Pistols rereleased a 7-inch of God Save The Queen yesterday. However, it is now sold out.

Tonight: Self Evident Truths

This one-night only exhibition of photographs by IO Tillet Wright at The Hole is going to be a sweatfest.

More on the project here

Reminisce Over This

Mad Lion, Take It Easy, 1994

Gitman Vintage Trojan Horse Batik Popover

To be worn all summer

Wrong Cops

This is awesome.

“Duke, a crooked and music-mad cop, patrols in Los Angeles’ streets, music blasting and meets a young techno lover, David Dolores Frank. Appalled by the musical tastes of the young adolescent, Duke decides to give him a good music lesson.”

The comedic short appeared at Cannes this year, and was directed by Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo) and starring a plainclothes Marilyn Manson.

Peep the website here

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Banksy’s Latest Print

Er… Free for all.

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