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René Burri
Ernesto Che Guevara, Havana, Cuba, 1963

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Sound Advice 142: Scott Morrison

We are pleased to present our 142nd installment of Sound Advice featuring Scott Morrison. Scott is a NY-based Designer and the founder of 3×1, a one stop denim shop and label in SoHo.

Sound Advice 142

01. The Scarlet Empress by College
02. A Dedication by Washed Out
03. Tyrant Destroyed by Twin Shadow
04. King Night by Salem
05. Punching in a Dream by the Naked and Famous
06. Comforting Sounds by Mew
07. Spanish Sahara by the Foals
08. Frost by Salem
09. Intro by M83
10. Amor Fati by Washed Out
11. Castles in the Snow by Twin Shadow
12. End Theme by College
13. Skating by Vince Guaraldi Trio
14. O Tannenbaum by Vince Guaraldi Trio

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That Earthquake In Italy Was In Some Way Related To a UFO and The Solar Eclipse.

What else can explain the appearance of a crop circle in Bracciano, Italy, 50 miles outside of Bologna?

(Thanks Shane Jessup!)

Up All Night

The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary


Rest and Concentration in the Workplace

A smart collaboration between Cranbrook design students and Herman Miller that includes the welcoming Integrated Workstation, above.

“Enabled by wireless tablets and smart phones, today’s offices have adapted to the fluid interactions needed for teamwork, yet rarely provide space for private rest, concentration or ‘personal time’. When individual workers need a moment away from the group, what new furniture types will support their rest and concentration? If new work cultures require an integration of living and working, then what is the new vision of physical rest in a professional setting?”

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Reminisce Over This

Main Source, Fakin’ The Funk, 1992

Openings This Weekend: NY & LA

An old fashioned flier party.

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Weekend Watching: Stoney Knows How

A 1981 documentary about the life of circus tattoo artist Stoney St. Claire.

Art Nerd New York

If you find yourself in NYC, and are looking for some off-beat art history, use this great site as a reference.

Skulls Are Friends

A nice tee from Topsafe & Horfe

For The Grill: Stake

An all-in-one bbq tool able to transform from a spatula to a fork to a pair of tongs.

via, lifehacker

Lunchtime Laughter

Honest trailer: Transformers

Michael Gaughan

Feeling the work of this Minneapolis-based artist, especially his Chatroulette Dorm Room Freestyle Rap show under the name ICE ROD (after the jump).

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That Crazy Dr. Kellogg

Cornflakes were made so you’d stop masturbating.


Home Boy Knows How To Keep His Mouth Shut When The Cops Our Around

The Gonz’s new art is rad.

via, monsterchildren

That’s The Man Right There

Bill Clinton comfortably squashed between two porn stars at a benefit he co-hosted with Prince Albert of Monaco.

via, @donetodeath

Morning Dose of The Forty Story

Pentagram design celebrates its fortieth anniversary with a story of boy born on the same day as the design firm.

Kate Moss Thursdays

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Peter Funch

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