Nike Sportswear Air Tailwind

A tribute to the legendary shoe that introduced Nike Air technology in 1979

John Peel’s Personal Record Collection is Being Digitized

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“The project (containing over 26,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs) will release the names and song titles of 100 records a week from the collection, for 26 weeks between May- Oct, featuring the first records from one letter of the alphabet each week. People will be able to listen online to many of these records via links compiled by the project.”

The Crabwich

A seasonally delicious recipe from Esquire

Lunchtime Laughter

Racist Siri. Swag.

Gondry-fied Cars

Spotted on the set of his new film The Foam of the Days in Paris.

See more angles at the Blenheim Gang

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The Dark Knight Rises

Oh man… That airconditioned theater in July is gonna be great.

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Carnival in Rio with Arnold Schwarzenegger

He’s got something in common with the Brazilian man.

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The Sweat Bee

Newly discovered (2010), native to Brooklyn, with a preference for sweaty people. 


Morning Dose of Sourdeezal


“It’s the musk of the truly hip, the scent of the great unwashed moshers.”

In a brief post reporting on DC’s original 9:30 Club becoming a J. Crew, WM. Ferguson reminisces about the smell.

If you’re still interested about the classic establishment, WaPo ran a great History of the 9:30 Club a couple years back.

quote from Clara Jeffery of the City Paper (1994)

photo via Jeffrey Zeldman / link via @donetodeath

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