Tattoos by Fuzi UVTPK

These are fun. Peep the French pioneer of “ignorant style’s” new website while you’re at it.

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  1. zio

    that unicorn with the spraycan is so hard!

  2. This man is no pioneer. Me and some friends have been doing these types of tattoos for years. I mean, his are great, but this isn’t new. In Detroit, so don’t put this shit on the internet and call it new. If you would like I can post and show some of my tattoos in contrast to these. I have another friend, too, whose got some pretty fucking awesome tats similar to these all over his body. Please say yes, I feel like this is a time for us to shine with our terribly ignorant tattoos.

  3. Nick

    The most impressive thing is that he makes a living. I’ve got jokes tattoos but I’ve not paid for them. The point of tattoos like this is that they are homemade buy the homies. They have long winded tales about party’s at girls houses and are investments in good times. They look shit because they are shit. Just keep it real and stop faking. Build your own machine and go get wasted with your buddies and see what’s really up

  4. PeoplePayForThisShit

    People pay for this shit? Give me a machine, I’ve never touched one but I can probably do better than that shit.

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