The Puerto Rican Schwinn Club

A short documentary by Wolfgang Muchow


This is the best photographed sneaker shop on the internet.

SleekSpeak: Wireless Speakers for Your Bike

Safely listen to music while you ride.

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Food Raps

What’s Cookin? from Noah Banks and LRG.

Lunchtime Laughter

Louis CK – Steals Scales For Drug Dealers

Walk With Bob

They finally made a print of Tim Biskup’s painting of Laura Palmer.

It’s available here, and like all great art-related things, in a limited edition.

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In the first scene of Sound of My Voice—a sci-fi drama from first-time director Zal Batmanglij—a couple follows directions into the garage of a suburban house. They are met by a stranger who instructs them to wash up, thoroughly, and put on hospital gowns. The stranger then handcuffs and blindfolds them, and leads them into a van.

Their restraints are removed once inside another location, where they are led into a basement and, after a series of elaborate handshakes, are welcomed into the group and introduced to Maggie.

Barefoot and veiled, Maggie enters the room with an oxygen tank in tow. She sits cross-legged on the floor, lifts her veil and proceeds to tell the story of how she came to be. The story concludes with her showing the group her tattoo of a delicate anchor and the number 54. “See, I come from 54,” she says. “2054. Your future.”

This all takes place within the first 12 minutes of the film—viewable here—and the rest of the film is equally engaging. It is later divulged that the couple, Peter and Lorna, are actually documentarians who want to make a film on cults and expose Maggie as a fraud. But Peter and Lorna get in over their heads, and begin to question their own beliefs—and each other.

Though it was shot on a micro budget, Sound of My Voice is impactful, raising questions about the power of belief, the search for truth and how the two can be easily confused. Brit Marling is particularly enchanting in her role as Maggie, disorienting and disarming cult members—and moviegoers—with her celestial beauty and poignant performance.

Each scene in film builds on the last, and amounts to a wonderfully complex narrative that is as fantastic as it is real.

Sound of My Voice is in theaters April 27th

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Putting Robots Out For Work in 2050

NMA comically explains robot prostitution in the future.

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Appalachia: A Photo Essay

Yes, that baby is in camo at the prom… but these two are married, so it’s all good.

Morning Dose of Making Music From Nature

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Color Forecast

Realtime color trending in Paris, Milan, and Antwerp.

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Picture of the Day

Ed Templeton

Planet Earth Narrated by Kids

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Installation View: Giverny

Tomorrow (4/24) is the last day to see this fresh collaboration between E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler at The Hole.

UP All Night

Primus, Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

Faile: The 104 North 7th Project

Faile is taking exteriors to a new level.

Watch a Vice Art Talk with them after the jump

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Reminisce Over This

Frankie Cutlass Ft. The Juice Crew, The Cypher Part 3, 1997

The Trinity Side Table

Fresh new design from @ThePrincipals

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Lana Del Rey – Carmen

If you feel like slowing it down this afternoon, here’s her new videoooooo.

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