Only two kinds of people buy Visine: stoners and murderers.

Visine works by constricting the vessels in your bloody eyes, the same vessels that were opened up by tetrahydrocannabinol’s tendency to relieve pressure in the eyeball. If you use a lot of Visine and you’re not a welder, an Olympic swimmer, or someone else with eyes under constant assault, the actual use of the bottle of Visine you keep in your top desk drawer is more obvious than you think it is. But the active ingredient, tetrahydrozoline, can also cause life threatening symptoms, even in small amounts. This lady tried to poison her roommate with Visine, this guy tried to murder his wife (he eventually tried to hire a hitman when it didn’t take), and this lady tried to kill a cop. So in short, Visine is hard core, like pitbulls and Omar Little. Don’t mess.

—Arlo Crawford

Reminisce Over This

Cypress Hill, Dr. Greenthumb, 1998

Quoddy Maliseet Oxford

Clean and green.

The Cult From Sound of My Voice Goes To Coachella

They fit right in.

Straight Thug

You should bring this app into your life, it’s every day entertainment.

Knock For Knock

This film shot in Tokyo by Antony Crook for Rapha and RSA Films features a soundtrack from Mogwai and is amzaing.



Eat some today, you deserve it.


Lunchtime Laughter

Uncle Elroy is the best.


Chopped & Screwed Space Monkeys

Richard Colman, Pose, and Vizie collaborated with Dalek on some Space Monkeys last weekend in Richmond at the RVA Street Art Festival. The results were expectedly rad as was the production in general.

photos via Dalek’s instagram and Vizie’s blog.

The Bart Chair

Designed by 56thStudio as part of their Caricature as… series.

Not to be left out, the Lisa, Homer, and Marge chairs are after the jump.

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Beastie Boys on Joan Rivers in 1987

Back when TV entertainment was fun. Joan still keeps it real though…

Linked Out

Every Friday, Chris Black will be using his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things you’re bound to find interesting

Vodka Alchemy: How to Change Cheap Clear Hooch from Terrible to Tolerable

Irving Blum and Peter Brant reminisce about pop-art

Winston Churchill, Man of Style  

Did Humans Invent Music?

How to hide a portrait of yourself in the Pentagon for eight years without anyone noticing

Bruce Springsteen singing ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’

From Textura to Papyrus, five hundred years of fonts, good and bad

Neal Brennan speaks on the rise and fall of Chappelle’s show

The Subversive Charm of Day Drinking

Meme Management: Meet the Man Who Reps Internet Stars


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

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