Draw Something

This is a fun app

Little Debbie At Home

Homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies

Photograph by Sarah Jane Sanders

Lunchtime Laughter

David Spade as an honest Bachelor

Babes of Yore: 1890’s Exotic Dancers

Hahahaha, Retronaut dug up some old beauties.

See more here

MoMA and VW are Giving Away Kraftwerk Tickets And I’m Kind of F’n Pissed

#VWFanTickets @MuseumofModernArt @VW

Not because VW scored 50 pairs of tickets to each night while normal folks had to get stuck in a less than desirable, fruitless queue. No. I’m pissed because VW and whatever “agency” they have working for them stole an idea and essentially rubbed it in our face. Take a moment and google “Gifaway.” You’ll see that the first result is a contest we did with MoMA last year, it was a Gif-Away. A first of its kind thing where our readers created original gifs with the winning entrant getting a pair of tix to their annual Armory Party. We did this for fun, never asked for a dime and never got one. Fast forward 53 weeks later: VW comes along with the  site VWGifAway and essentially replicates the idea, giving the public an extra chance to win a pair tickets to see Kraftwerk at MoMA by creating a GIF. I might be less pissed if they did this with another place, but they didn’t. Whatever MoMA. We might just be a tiny blip on the internet, but blips have reach too and you can’t look past the people who gave you your ideas. Hell, a lot of them are housed in your own building. There was an article yesterday about the blog police and a curators code that seemed pretty popular. Well how about someone write a ‘creatives code’ for ad agencies? Maybe a hat-tip to your inspiration is necessary?

Since ultimately there’s nothing that can be really be done, I’m thinking that if you agree with anything being said, some twitterbombing might be in good order. At the beginning of this rant I added the twitter handles of the accused parties. Go ahead, get on twitter and retweet it. It might make you even feel better for those tickets you didn’t get.

No matter what, we’ll keep creating while they keep on stealing. And when a person who works at an agency says they want to pick your brain, say no… or politely “Fuck You. Pay Me.”

Thanks for your time.

The Father of Video Games

Ralph Baer gets profiled in this interesting series of inventor portraits by David Friedman.

There’s More Than 18, But This’ll Do

The most hateable moments in Duke basketball history.

One of the favorites above


Morning Dose of Art With Edward… and Richard Prince

“My penis is the shape, size and color of a baby eggplant.”

This dude broke his junk on the first date

(Good Morning btw…)

Picture of the Day

Jenna Putnam

Seeking Asian Female

A documentary looking at an older white guy and his chinese mail order bride.

The Spring Chair

Designed by Castor

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