Wall Writers

I’ve seen early versions of this film. It’s good, historical, and now it’s got John Waters doing the narration. Congrats to Rog, Zio, and Caleb on this.

“From director Roger Gastman—a producer of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop—comes Wall Writers, a documentary on graffiti in its innocence.

Through unprecedented access to TAKI 183, CORNBREAD, and a host of other legendary writers, Wall Writers tells the story of a time when underprivileged city kids refused to keep lurking in the shadows, when the streets were so wild that fame and infamy became indistinct, when art became a democracy and self-promotion became an art.”

Up All Night

The Breeders, Divine Hammer

Directed by Kim Gordon, Spike Jonze, and Richard Kern.

This Weekend In NYC

GIVERNY: by E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler
OPENING Friday, March 30th, 7-9PM

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Reminisce Over This

Junior M.A.F.I.A., Get Money, 1995

Natalia Fabia’s “Miss Hooker Beauty Pageant 2012”

The contest is happening tonight (3/30) in Los Angeles, and is hosted by comedian Brian Posehn. So who gets to decide who’s Miss Hooker 2012? For that important decision, Natalia tapped celebrities Dave Navarro, Traci Lords and Alexis Arquette to judge the ladies.

Get your tickets plus more info here

Weekend Watching: The Weird World of Blowfly (2011)

Saturdays Esquina Horizon Short-sleeved Button Up

A pretty versatile shirt

Model Skate Decks

Ben Watts collaborated on a set of skate decks with denim brand 3×1’s Scott Morrison, and models Elsa Hosk, Chanel Iman, Behati Prinsloo, Lake Bell, and Jessica Hart. All proceeds go to the models chosen charities, so there’s no worry of guilt about putting a picture of a pretty girl up on your wall that’s not your girlfriend.

 More on the collaboration here

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“The Perfect Lawn-Mower Beer”

Narragansett Cream Ale

Lunchtime Laughter

How to Dance Goth

155 Years Of Railroad Company Logos

Christian Annyas puts together another great design collection, a sampling of which is above.

See his post The Evolution of North Amrican Railroad Logo Design featuring 100 logos here

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I Love Graffiti When It’s Not On My Property

A print by Roids “loosely inspired by the hypocritical view point of most graffiti writers and all the media types and companies squeezing graffiti for everything its worth.”

Available through Topsafe


A 2008 animation series by Charlie White from his project “Girl Studies” that was displayed at The Aldrich Museum in 2009.

“Based on a two-year study of the behavior of an actual American teenage girl, the animation is part of a larger project called The Girl Studies that dissects the desires and social anxieties of our era. The animation is meant to perform as a viable cartoon for young girls, while simultaneously providing a platform from which viewers can critique them. White’s works in photography, film, and more recently animation, often offer fictitious narratives to help us understand and evaluate the underlying realities of contemporary life.”

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Linked Out

Every Friday, Chris Black will be using his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things you’re bound to find interesting

The Joys of Blocking People

The Miami Crime Wave of the 1980′s

Fact compiles some of the more interesting anecdotes from excerpts of Mike Skinner’s forthcoming memoir

Blind Man Goes for a Spin in Google’s New Driverless Car

When Ernest Hemingway Killed His Cat

In 2005, an unknown Irish boxer beat Mike Tyson in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Then he disappeared

Questions remain about the profitability of ‘social curation’ sites

The Observation: The Demise of the Blowjob


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Morning Dose of The Salton Sea

America’s Dead Sea by Jim Lo Scalzo

Friday’s Vault

NYC 1989

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Picture of the Day

Todd Hido

Virgin Boy Eggs


Learn all about this urine soaked Chinese delicacy after the jump

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Drunkin’ Rhapsody

(Thanks Kiji!)

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