Ikea is Making Pre-Fab Homes for The US

The aktiv is a completely furnished one bedroom home, expected to be priced at US$79,500.

Designed by ideabox

via, psfk

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  1. Boo

    I think these use to come on wheels.

  2. Gigglesworth

    These houses by Ideabox are cool, but I’m willing to bet that many of the houses are sold as second homes (cabins, etc.) for singles and couples who already have a primary home and want a small place they can go to. I see young hipsters and old retirees using this.

    Ideabox doesn’t offer much in the way of a “Family Home”.

  3. Alex

    so it’s not enough their furniture falls to pieces in minutes, now they’re set on destroying the dreams of to-be homeowners who ignorantly purchase a home from a manufacturer infamous for shoddy work?

  4. Matthew

    There are much better pre-fab houses on the market these days, pre-fab houses that don’t look like pre-fab houses.

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