Artist Eats: Kime Buzzelli


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Kime Buzzelli to share her favorite place to eat. Kime is a Los Angeles-based artist known for her feminine, ethereal paintings, and her distinct style.

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“My favorite place to eat is Chung King in Monterey Park,” Kime says. “It’s a small Sichuan restaurant that serves insanely spicy dishes that sort of make you hallucinate after a few bites. My favorite thing is the boiled fish hot pot (fish drenched in cilantro, cabbage and an electric orange concoction). I also love the Kung Pao chicken, the Ong Choy water spinach with garlic, and the Beautiful Smelled Beef–yes, you heard that last one right. The appetizers are addictive: spicy peanuts and tiny fish, cool cucumbers, seaweed and more. The spicy Chung King noodles are also habit-forming. There is something slightly illegal about the peppercorns, and by the time the check comes, you are blurry-eyed with a numb tongue and mesmerized by the beer sign in the corner. Sort of a hidden treasure, and the best place to eat family style!”

Chung King
206 South Garfield Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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