Artist Eats: Mr. Kiji


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” Mr. Kiji to share his favorite place to eat. Mr. Kiji is a New York-based artist and designer, as well as a regular contributor to this fine website.

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“I recently moved studio locations and have since had to find new regular spots to lunch at,” Kiji says. “Graham Avenue Deli & Market happens to be just a few blocks from my new studio. It also happens to be probably one of the best traditional sandwich shops that I’ve had in New York. It’s not some secret clandestine spot and is known to anyone who’s been in the neighborhood long enough or just likes sandwiches The go-to order is the ‘Willie Special,’ a flavor overdose of cured meats, pickled peppers and mixed greens on an Italian hero. They also make it to taste, so based on a series of 20 questions they will make you something special. I’ve never been disappointed.”

Graham Avenue Deli & Market
445 Graham Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

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    best place ever, and the sandwich boys are all super cute

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