Roger Gastman Watches iCarly

Those of you that have had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing me might think sometimes I am a bit creepy. What ever – get over it, I’m just keeping it real.  Not much has changed since I was 16. Same damn soundtrack also. The point of this… I am flipping the channel, end up on Law & Order SVU – see a 9 year old girl as the rape victim. Man, I recognize her! It’s Sam from iCarly! Jennette McCurdy. Yes, I watch iCarly – it is an amazing show. The new episode this past Saturday has a warm bag of dog poop in the first scene, then they go to Canada and check out the Hostess type factory called Fat Cakes. Moral of the story is watch iCarly. And Jennette is actually pretty funny, I follow her on Twitter. And it ain’t even creepy.

Roger Gastman

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  1. Adam

    Why is your T.V. so shit?

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