The Greatest Writer Alive Contest Winner


There were a lot of great entries, but in the end there could only be one. Congrats to Patrick Moore of New Jersey who wrote this poem below, and big ups to Dallas for providing the rad drawing to accompany it.

there is a mirror in my basement
it is as big as I am
so I see myself
all of who I am
and i thank it for this
I see myself aging before my eyes
one second at a time
as the boy in front of me becomes a man
posing in front of his reflection
imagining his dreams around him
and i express my gratitude
and sometimes
I forget this so called man I am
and like the days of childhood
dance and sing in front of this mirror
not only to see myself
but to watch out for parents and curious brothers
wondering who is making all the ruckus
and I will pretend I never made a sound
I thank the mirror for this too

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