Artist Eats: Dabs & Myla

For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked DABS & MYLA to share their favorite place to eat. DABS & MYLA are husband-and-wife artists and graffiti partners, who are from Melbourne, Australia, but now call Los Angeles home. They are known for their wonderful collaborative murals and paintings, and envied for their perfect relationship.

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“One of our favorite places to eat is the Napier Hotel in Melbourne,” says DABS & MYLA. “There are not too many things we miss from Australia living here in the States, because the food here is so amazing we never really even think about what we miss, but one thing we do crave is a ‘counter meal.’ Counter meals are served at a pub; they are usually big, heavy and most likely at least one part of it will be fried. We generally eat pretty healthy, mostly vegetarian food and a lot of raw food, but when the time is right we love to indulge in grease and fat—usually after a day of painting! There’s something about greasy food after being exposed to a day of spray paint fumes that is so good!”

“And at these times, nothing beats a counter meal, and our favorite place for one is at the Napier. Whenever we go home to visit we try to make sure we go there at least once. We usually get the steak sandwich—it’s so good! Thick sliced bread, Black Angus rump, smoked bacon, grilled onions, cheddar, beetroot, pineapple, tomato chutney, rocket (Arugula), roast garlic aioli with fries and salad. We will ask for a potato cake to be added to it as well, which takes it up to the next level. Potato cakes are Australian and are like a big round flat French fry about the size of a hamburger patty—but better than you can imagine!”

Napier Hotel
210 Napier Street
Fitzroy 3065
Victoria Australia

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