Inside: Ford’s Design and Development Centers

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to visit Ford Motor Company’s Research & Innovation, and Product Development Centers to learn about the technology behind the making of their automobiles and the efforts to further reduce overall emissions and advance sustainability. The crazy get-up in the first couple slides is Ford’s Human Occupant Package Simulator which uses motion-capture technology to study how to make the car more comfortable for its passengers. It was definitely the coolest thing besides the Laser sign in the Research & Innovation Center. Inside the Product Development Center, a group of us were allowed into the clay modeling studio (without cameras) to see how their designers created true-to-scale car models out of Japanese clay. Apparently the 50th anniversary Mustang was on the other side of an 8 foot barrier that kept us from venturing around the rest of the studio. Anyway, it was nice to look into the finer working components of an iconic American brand, and maybe next time I can get onto the factory floor for some more fun.

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