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For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked RISK to share his favorite place to eat. RISK is a graffiti icon who spearheaded the movement in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, and became known around the world for his innovative lettering style. In addition to his work on the streets, RISK founded one of the first streetwear lines, Third Rail, and his canvases have become sought after by galleries and collectors.

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“My favorite place to eat is Deanie’s Seafood in Bucktown,” says RISK, a New Orleans native. “Bucktown is little forgotten city on the fringe of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina pretty much put the final nails in Bucktown’s coffin. Deanie’s is the longest lasting of a handful of old seafood restaurants in Bucktown. I was going there with my grandfather since I was in preschool, when it was basically a seafood store. On certain days, they would boil crabs or crawfish and you bought them by the pound wrapped in newspaper. I loved going home, spreading out the newspaper across the table, and starting the carnage! By the time I was a teenager, they opened a little room with picnic-style seating and a minimal seafood menu and po’ boy sandwiches. I would meet my uncles in Bucktown where the shrimp boats pulled in, and we would go in the back of the restaurant and they’d weigh their fresh catch and sell it to them. We would go in and grab a po’ boy, and they would sneak me a Dixie beer. Now, the restaurant is a few-thousand square feet with a full bar. I always order different things from the now-extensive menu, usually about five items. Last time I was there I went for a crawfish extravaganza. I started with the mandatory cup of seafood gumbo, then I went with fried crawfish, crawfish etouffee, crawfish balls (like a hush puppies/crab cakes not crawfish testicles) and of course boiled crawfish. And, for old time’s sake, I got a roast beef po’ boy to go! Good times!”

Deanie’s Seafood
1713 Lake Avenue
Metairie, LA 70005

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    hell yeah deanie’ss…if only sid-mar’s and bruning’s were still hoppin

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