Buy Your Own English Angora Rabbit

Not only does Ambika Friendly Furs make soft-looking women’s fashion, they also sell the source of the fur, Angora Rabbits. Bred and raised at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in New York, the rabbits can be house trained like cats.

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  1. Justin R

    Dave, I love TWBE. Loyal reader for years now. But that is MESSED UP.

  2. Dave

    Not sure?

  3. DMc

    Certain words should be reserved for special occasions. “Abysmal” is one of them, and BUY YOUR OWN ENGLISH ANGORA RABBIT is as special as such occasions get.

  4. Dave

    Well, I’m happy to find that rabbits are a point of contention. And looking at it now I do realize that this is the equivalent of putting stuffed animals up on the site, which is a no. But. You’ll have to live with it on the front page until Monday though. Out with the old, and in with the new.

  5. Jose

    Nice way to stir up controversy, dipshit.

    Longtime reader, happy to say I’m outta here. Thanks for finally showing your true colors.

  6. Hi All…just to clear a few things up…THE BUNNIES ARE SHORN, NOT KILLED. They get a haircut every three months!

    They are very friendly and make great pets. I had two when I lived in my Brooklyn apartment and they would sit on the couch and watch movies with me.

  7. mgs

    PEOPLE: they don’t kill the fucking rabbits. Just like they don’t kill sheep to make a wool sweater. Chill out.

  8. Hallie

    well that’s way less weird than knitting something from what I get out of the cat’s brush

  9. Jinx

    Angora rabbits are a wool type rabbit to those who are complaining, they are not killed… their fur is simply trimmed off…

  10. Tracy

    Tell me about an Angora Rabbit. Cost of MALE/FEMALE and the market of the fur if you can


  11. Marissa

    AS long as they are not sheared in such a terrifying way, if they are being trimmed in a humane way, it is necessary to properly groom your rabbit and Angora rabbits require much more than others. Who is to say what you do with the fur afterwards? The only way that I am opposed to this kind of rabbit grooming is if it is painful for the rabbit This makes me sick.

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