A Kids’ Book Gift Guide by Dallas Clayton

When TWBE asked me to put together a holiday kids’ gift guide I was a little bit torn, after all the idea of me having to let you know what kinds of gifts to buy a kid is kind of defeating. But then I thought about all of those of you out there who know kids, but don’t have kids and maybe aren’t sure what to get for kids that will make them happy but also not freak their parents out. How do you climb that slippery slope? Answer: Books. Any time you can give a parent books they will be happy. Sure the kid would probably rather have a remote controlled helicopter but that’s what Santa is for. Besides, chances are that helicopter will be broken within the month, a good book can inspire kids forever. So, here are ten books that I think make great gifts for the holidays or any time.


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Operation Alphabet by Al Macuish

Moomin and the Birthday Button by Tove Jansson

Supposing by Alistair Reid

In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak

Seasons by Blexbolex

Adelaide by Tomi Ungerer

The Iron Giant/Man by Ted Hughes and Laura Carlin

The Amazing Bone by William Steig

ABC Dream by Kim Krans

Everything On It by Shel Silverstein

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  1. alc

    looks like a smashing list. but i wish you’d say which age groups these books are each appropriate for!

  2. Zuzanna

    Moomins was my favorite book back when I was a little kid. I still read it from time to time, and when I find time, I also enjoy the cartoon too. Defiantly a great book to recommend!

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