Steep Hill: The Nation’s First Cannabis Testing Lab

Piffbusters goes inside to answer a decades old question: Which is better, Purple or Green weed?

via, Mishka

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  1. Ben

    Strong is a relative term. Stronger for what? Some people are looking for a strong pain relief, while others a strong case of the munchies. And yet others need to go to sleep and of course many need to work while medicated. I wish the question was completed so we could see the percentage of CBDs on some of those strains! I need it to kill my cancer, so for me strong would mean a high CBD percent. But most people don’t realize that there’s more to cannabis than just getting baked, or there’s difference between getting baked and getting high. Strong is in the eye of the beholder and one needs more than the THC percent to tell the difference base solely on a lab’s analysis.

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