Don’t Let Government Censor Our Internet

Today is American Censorship Day, and the government wants to pass a bill that would give us American citizens the same internet censorship that the governments of Iran, Syria, and China give their people. Please write to congress now and let them know that they’re assholes for trying to do this.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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  1. Richard Head

    Feel free to copy and past my letter:

    It’s apparent at this point that the people that throw the most money in your direction are the ones that make the decisions lately. I already know that Hollywood has lubed this bill to the tune of $220 million dollars. I don’t have that much money, but unlike the corporations taht you fluff for, I can actually vote. If you mess this up than I guarantee you that voters like myself will make sure that you never work in Washington again.

    Literally 91% of the American public think that you suck at your job. For once, vote on something that the PEOPLE you are supposed to be representing actually want. Do the right thing and oppose the S.968, the Protect IP Act. The internet is literally the ONE thing that the government (that’s you guys!) haven’t messed up yet.

  2. Guglielmo Franco

    No censorship. Period.

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