DROID RAZR by Motorola

Dear iPhone,

I know your mom’s going to make this a pain in the ass for me but, I’m leaving you for a Droid RAZR. Listen, this is not all your fault… RAZR and I first met years ago at the end of college and we have memories. But anyway, you’re too high maintenance, and way too fragile for me. Plus, the RAZR is skinnier than you, and that just works with what I’m going for right now.

Tell your mom I said what’s up and that I still like her computers,


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  1. danny

    good move. you’ll never be embarrassed by dropping calls on EVERY SINGLE CALL again. and the fuckers KNEW the phone didn’t work. takes a lot of nerve.

    never go back.

  2. You are both fucking losers.

  3. Oh wait, Im dead.

  4. You should wait for the Samsung Nexus Prime.
    Its the phone that has Apple pissing on the floor.

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