Moody Couch

Designed by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

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  1. Jessica

    How can I buy one of these moody couches I really want one thank you have a nice day

  2. I want one!!! How may one go about ordering one of these moody coaches?

  3. Gabriella

    I really want to buy one! Did it sell in stores back to USA? or any store in Miami, New York…any store!? or can i order it online? please let me know! Thank you.

  4. pam

    I agree!! I want one! Who do I need to contact to order? Thanks!!

  5. Lauree Wade

    I a interested in the moody couch. Could you please send price info?

  6. Ann

    Want to buy one please send info

  7. Vanita Strong

    I am very interested in this couch! Please send pricing and shipping info. Thank you!

  8. Vanita Strong

    This is awesome! I am very interested in this couch! Please send pricing and shipping info. Thank you!

  9. Tabitha

    This looks like a great gift or a friend. Can I get a price please?

  10. Mia

    I’m with all these other people. Where do you purchase these? And how much do they go for?

  11. Ash

    Hi I am very interested to know how much one of these moody couches would cost and where I could purchase one.

  12. Nicole

    How do u get one?

  13. beau

    Anyone have any luck finding out how an where to order one of these?

  14. lynette

    please tell me where I can purchase moody couch ! pricing and shipping infomappreciated ! Thank you !

  15. gabriela

    how can I buy one of these?
    Thank you very much!

  16. Michelle Rice

    Could you please let me know the cost of the moody couch. Thanks

  17. brenda bruner

    I would like to know the price of moody couch. where to order or purchase.

  18. brenda bruner

    Please send the info about price and purchase like everyone else.

  19. Sam dowen

    Hi could you send info abut this please

  20. BIll Jack

    You cannot buy this couch it is just on the internet to tease you. The cost of the Moody couch is $500.50 I have found several sites that offer to let you buy the couch, but when you click buy it takes you back to or another italian site that will not let you purchase. Have been trying to obtain this creation for about six months and still have gotten no closer. Me thinks that it may have been discontinued like that of the convertible futon bunk bed, but if anyone makes progress I too would be interested.

  21. denise horo

    where do u buy this and how much

  22. Shelley

    Hello, where can I buy a moody couch in Australia?

  23. Ash

    You don’t buy this couch, you make it yourself.
    They put pictures up to tease us all

  24. Lydia

    Here is the designer of this she has other stuff on sale on her site besides the couch sounds like she made them and quit not sure but she is in Germany

  25. Elizabeth

    I would love to buy this ! If anyone finds out they are being produced … I would be a customer right away !

  26. grace

    where do u buy one?

  27. grace

    where do u buy one? i really want it!

  28. Michael

    You need to make this NOW – it will make you rich cause me and everyone else wants one…

  29. Parag

    where do u buy one?

  30. Bailey

    I am very interested in this product. Do you know where you can buy one??

  31. michael has them.

  32. k

    moody couch

  33. Jeannette Casey

    I need one for my sugar bear.asap thanks

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