Matte Black Lamborghini Aventador

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Reminisce Over This

Funkmaster Flex, Sadat X & Akinyele, Loud Hangover, 1995

They Could Have Been The Dodgers

Jay-Z reveals the name for Brooklyn’s new basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets.

Alex Lukas Doesn’t Like The Term ‘Post Apoctalyptic’

Check out his show at Guerrero Gallery in SF and peep the huge 30′ drawing which is a definite focal point.

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Vans OTW Woessner Holiday Collection

These shoes are comfortable and really good looking.

Wood Wood Laptop Bag

100% Goat Suede

Two Foods, One Cup

This genius recipe merges a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup in a single cup.


Lunchtime Laughter

Robin Williams Live at the Met

Kurt Cobain Drew A Fender Ad

Found in the back of the 32 page book of photos by Charles Peterson that accompanies Fender’s new Kurt Cobain Jaguar Guitar.

Sly Stone’s Home

A white camper van in Crenshaw. Sadness.

Twin Peaks The Video Game

Escape From The Black Lodge

Get it for cpu’s here

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NY Mag’s ‘Basquiat in the Bodega’ Is Really a Phil Frost Painting on a Door

Even those who were ‘down’ don’t get it… “I wouldn’t say that it’s his greatest painting, but it’s not a bad one,”  — Kenny Scharf

Oh well, the piece was built on speculation anyways

Morning Dose of Children’s Medium Used for Dissemination of Truth

David OReilly x NMA. So confused.

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Adriana Lima is Sometimes Encouraged To Lie Down On The Job

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


This Week…

Tupac and Biggie freestyled

We saw real time face swapping

Sophia Loren turned 77

Saber hired skywriters


Lauren Young was our muse

Sound Advice 113: Arne Quinze

We are pleased to present our 113th installment of Sound Advice featuring Arne Quinze. Arne is an artist living and working in Belgium who recently created Rock Strangers, an augmented reality sculpture at the Statue of Liberty.

Sound Advice 113

01. Take Me Into Your Skin by Trentemoller
02. Sins of My Father by Tom Waits
03. Attack Anna by TC Matic
04. Two Of Us by Supermayer
05. Oh Girl by Evil Superstars
06. Jump by Fad Gadget
07. Per Le Strade Di Roma by Piero Piccioni
08. I Love You But Don’t Touch Me ‘Cos You’re Sick by Black Daniel
09. That’s Not Really Funny by Eels
10. Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man by Grinderman

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2011 RXArt Party

Artworks were bought, drinks were drank, and CHANEL markers slyly got ganked.

Photos by Christos Katsiaouni

The Greatest Writer Alive


There’s a very unique feeling
that happens in your stomach
when you clean out your car
and decide to throw away
a dreamcatcher.

Dallas Clayton

Up All Night

The Fixx, One Thing Leads To Another

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