Kurt Cobain Drew A Fender Ad

Found in the back of the 32 page book of photos by Charles Peterson that accompanies Fender’s new Kurt Cobain Jaguar Guitar.

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  1. Nice detail on the moobs.

  2. idontlikefendersquire

    trash squire by fender, buy any other guitar

  3. Hey Idon’tlikeFenderSquire. First of all it’s Squier not Squire. Second thing is they don’t only make crap guitars, check out their Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified lines. They actually put out guitars that are better quality than the Fender MIM’s and cost like $200 less sometimes. Sure nothing beats an MIA, but you for the price you can’t beat some of the higher quality squier guitars. I have a Vintage Modified Jazzmaster and it beats the hell out of any MIM I’ve ever owned.

  4. John B

    Kurt Cobain was an asshole or he would still be alive.


    Shame it wasn’t you John. You are a waste of sperm and eggs.

  6. Luke

    Lol yeah nice comment about john man! Love the add, I’m getting a fender soon hopefully!

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