Morning Dose of Industrial Revolutions

Danny Macaskill is at it again.

via, tdw

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  1. Mike

    Amazing. What the name of the song?

  2. Kristjan L.

    Danny Macaskill you are a piece of work! (I’ll be you’ve got the strongest stomach muscles in the land.) What great “dances” you can create, as you take this art-form through its possibilities~!
    And Danny, choose your endorsements carefully, because (for starters) you should require a lot of money for endorsing a bike-tire company. And, if I were you, I’d insist Stu leads the team for the ad clips.

    BRAVO Stu Thomson! – for beautiful framing, directing and editing.
    You have a great eye. And your editing choices were smooth and fun. Your work carried Danny’s unique abstract art & technique into a superb, quality, presentation-film. Every frame made a great photo.
    SO Well Done.

    P.S. Ben Howard/The Wolves music was a perfect choice.
    Look forward to the album.

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