A Stones Throw approved video directed by Tuomas Vauhkonen and Jeremias Nieminen.

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Picture of the Day

Dash Snow

Los Angeles, 2005

Anthrocon 2011 aka the Furry Convention

This looked rad.

Thanks to Scott Simmons of Scarehouse for the photos.

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Well, We Finally Found A Reason To Put Bathing Ape on the Site

Daisy Lowe

via, hs


If you happen to wear a kids size large, this t-shirt should be yours.

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Up All Night

Flesh for Lulu, Siamese Twist

“You know what inspires tagging? Bad architecture. Commercialism. The sanitized state of the city.”

Kathy Grayson writes an op-ed for The Daily News

Reminisce Over This

Jay-Z, Feelin’ It, 1996

YACHT – Utopia / Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)

Visually crisp.

“Conceived & directed by Rene Daalder, edited by Aaron Ohlmann, animated and composited by visual artist Pascual Sisto, and the geodesic grid animation at the end of Utopia was created by Michael Young.”

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Leffe – Stories of Character

A couple weeks ago we attended the launch and celebration of Leffe beer’s Craft Your Character NYC campaign, an ongoing search for true men of character.  From scaling a church clocktower in Prague, to crashing an Indian wedding, each of the five finalists had a unique story to tell and refreshing, Belgian beer was enjoyed by all. The winning entry came from Ryan Eberts, a Connecticut-based Teacher and Fishman who had spent time in Bangladesh working with orphans for two and a half years. The ladies in the crowd melted at his story about one specific child he taught, and what it meant to truly teach. Have a look at all the stories after the jump, and put your thinking caps on as the Leffe Stories of Character will be traveling to other cities in the US in the next year.

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Rick Owens Toad Leather Phone Case

Magic in your pocket.

$365, available at Blackbird

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Crazy Idea

Moving Platforms by Priestmangoode

“A concept for high-speed trains that would transfer passengers to local services while still moving, instead of stopping at stations.”

video after the jump

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