Best Cookie Packaging Ever

Thanks Zio!

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  1. roamsyroams

    Even if the guy is black, I would love to know why someone would think this is racist.

  2. Jarumzki

    That’s one helluva crispy afro to me! Cool!

  3. His afro looks cool.

    Ferme erectiestoornis

  4. Okami

    XD it is just as bad as that comercial where it looks like a wall street guy is peeing on people but this time it’s racist

  5. Lola

    I think the person is black, not all black people have dark skin and no that doesn’t mean thats he’s biracial or japanese, you can be fully “Black” and still look white. his features look black and I don’t see anything derogatory about this wrapper, it’s fun and doesn’t make a negative statement about black people. I would however like to point out that all of you took this web page, consisting of a cookie wrapper, meant to amuse you and started and argument about it, to which I have now entered

  6. TRK

    it s actally “black melon bread” pan means bread, in this case itdbe more like “cookie”

  7. EO

    This is bread, not a cookie.

  8. facts hurt

    Yea, you can mention anything about any race in the world now except for blacks and it’s not racist. I think that makes you a racist all to your own.

  9. Oh Yea

    How does showing a hair style of the 70’s relate to racism.. I was there. I had one.. Guess what………. I’m white! A lot of other races had afro’s back then.. Guess what……. Assuming this is racist MAKES you a racist.

  10. Java

    this is not racist. its a freaking bread wrapper. i must admit the wrapper itself is pretty cool. however, the food itself looks disgusting.:(

  11. yaya

    The Japanese is recognizing it is unique and good-looking the person with Afro. If it is Japanese, the melon bread that had eaten everyone in childhood was happily arranged to enough humour, and I think this to be an affirmative commodity. I think that the Japanese who feels the discriminating attitude even if it is felt that this is seen and it is unique is few. I also such an arrangement and thought it was a little good-looking.

  12. Black H3Licopter

    I don’t know what you morons are smoking, but you are smoking waaaay too much of that if you call it “racist.” If Japanese are racists then I wonder why / how they continue to worship guys like Jero…

  13. bbo

    hi I’m a Japanese and want to excuse us.
    Japanese are not racists. that’s why we can use picture like that.
    we are not even concerned what racial matters are on American history.
    What i don’t get is what is the matter if the picture is “black”.
    It could be white, yellow, people with turban or whatever if that did well.

    and… for me,the skin of him on the picture absolutely seems colored as yellow?
    and his name is 田中 and speaking Japanese?

  14. Ax

    Japan does not have a sense of discrimination at all.
    Japanese for “black” and refers to the color.
    Japanese black, indicating that blacks do not.
    There is no idea of “black color = blacks” ​​. And do not know.

    Sorry in poor English.

  15. Ax

    Melon Pan

    melon bread (sweet baked good with a bread-dough interior and a cookie-dough crust with ridges resembling a muskmelon) (wasei: melon pan)


  16. Lee

    The person who commented first


  17. jj

    Wait.. why is melon bread black? D:

  18. poporo

    Hi, I’m Japanese.
    This man is Japanese because this package says ‘Afro TANAKA’.
    Tanaka is Japanese name and ‘Afro Tanaka’ is a Japanese comic.
    And Japanese doesn’t know the word “black” usually means the black people.
    It only means the bread is black.
    Thank you.

  19. Nomi:]

    This is so cool…but they could of used a white person too!!:D But it does look nasty 😛

  20. Gen

    That stuff looks sick! DX

  21. kenjironimo

    Wow, a racist japanese cookie that is actually a racist japanese bread. No wonder the package has an afro panel, clearly this is african melon bread to be eaten by africans with afros, they all have afros, so lots of melon bread will be sold. If you don’t have an afro don’t eat this or you will grow one, thats what the squiggly writing seems to say anyway.

  22. anyone know where i can buy this?

  23. pat

    A trichologist’s delight.

  24. Yuka

    To call “Japanese (a race)” “racist” is a racism.

  25. Totally reminded me of Afro Samurai!

  26. vanderman

    Clearly racist, black people come in all shades with all hair types. However a lot of advertising and youth subcultures in Japan misreads blackness, so I suspect the light skin is an attempt at being careful about race but the greater sentiment is racist. Afros are icon statements of black identity, and to tidy this up one only need look at the history of the black image in Japanese retail marketing-so stop making excuses, read it for what it is- lazy and unthoughtful.

  27. whowmule

    afro-merican cookie company, on a screet corner sum where near you, what you got on my 40 punk?

  28. the sus

    The stupidity of PC culture is that it ruins the innocent. Lots of people have afros – as a matter of fact, lots of Jewish, Irish, Korean and Japanese people have natural, unpermed afros. What’s so racist about an afro? The picture on the packaging is clearly of Asian orientation – not everyone east of the Volta look like northern Chinese!!
    The model could have been Ip Man (who was actually Chinese, btw) for all we know – the point is, it is what it is – if the bread was red or yellow, would this idiotic conversation have even started? A new low for the confused – the circular shape of the clear area on a pack. Next week they’ll market blond melon pan and/or reshape the clear area, and it wouldn’t be racist, eh? Stupid.
    (Maybe this time they should paint the face black too… or red, or green to satisfy the Martians or leprechauns…)

  29. the sus

    Also, Vanderman, what is lazy and unthoughtful is to think the entire world is so enmeshed in YOUR culture that we have to satisfy your idea of what is PC. Sorry for the wake-up call, but the entire BLACK world did not and still does not have your history. I see the packaging as what it is – a man with an afro. If you see it as anything else, check your lazy, unthoughtful self.

  30. Thomas

    People saying it’s racist, chill out, get a life, whatever, but stop trolling. This isn’t racist, if you knew a little about Japanese Manga, you’d know it’s not.

  31. ewuin

    Takehiko Inoue’s illustration style.. isn’t it?

  32. That is a great idea!

  33. dw

    im black and i just LMFAO at this

  34. sa

    The word “black” in Japanese only suggest actual color, not a human race. Black people are called “黒人”. White people are called “白人” . Unless the word “人(=human)” is added to color, it never links to human race. “ブラックメロンパン” simply means “Melon bread in black color”

  35. asa

    The word “Black” in Japanese only suggest actual color, not a human race. Black people are called “黒人”. White people are called “白人” . Unless the word “人(=human)” is added to name of color, it does not link to human race. “ブラックメロンパン” simply means “Melon bread in black color”

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