33 Ways To Stay Creative


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  1. Akanksha Chaturvedi


    In present scenario Media Publishing and Telecasting is at its peak.Day after day no. of news channels are increasing but never to forget everything has its pros and cons.
    Lets focus on pros :

    We cannot deny that with media in power people are better informed and better communicated.Media also played major role during our struggle of independence.Media also helped in conviction of high profile Jessica Lal murder case .
    Now the cons:

    Media reacted very insensitively during MUMBAI BLAST where security was compromised for footage.In recent DELHI GANG RAPE case media was more focused on publishing and telecasting statements of politicians which was irrelevant.At last but most common is media plays with emotions of victims which showed media’s callousness.
    For films we have Censor Board where it is necessary to get CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION.
    For TV Channels BROADCASTING AUTHORITY OF INDIA was launched on June 2011 http://www.bcc.ie/how_to_complaint/index.html (Link for how to complain in BAI).
    It is always said that

    which itself makes us mobile censors.So I would like to conclude by saying that

  2. Excellent list thank you. Maintaining your creativity gets harder as you get older. I find that writing my blog is very helpful as well as constantly trying to learn new things. Devepoling a passion for something like getting fit and healthy is also a good idea. Take care and be well. Tommy

  3. sirihasa

    Its like it is just posted for me…happy to see many people are and think like me…

  4. reading peoples comments helps me be creative!

  5. Just found this site-love it. Very user friendly and interesting!! Will recommend to others for sure.

  6. Great little inspirational messages!

  7. Elizabeth

    I really love this list. I really believe it fosters creativity. I do many of the things on this list already (like read the dictionary just for fun), and I believe it really helps. I also have a tendency to sometimes be hard on myself so I think it’s good to have this as a reminder.

  8. pou etre creative, je reve, j’ecris,j’invente ma vie et le monde. je vis dans le monde de ma chihuahua

  9. This is a great list. Thanks for putting it together and then sharing it with us. I’m definitely keeping a copy of this around.

  10. sanghwa

    If you like this list, you should check out the page below. It’s a ’15ways to be irresistibly attractive’ and I loved it!

  11. Great list. I’ll print it and keep it on my desk.

  12. Inspiring list! I agree with every point.

  13. Love that the “break the rules” one is a different font.

    The “stop beating yourself up” and “allow yourself to make mistakes” are my two that I need to work on the most I think. It helps the creativity too to not so harshly critique everything you do, but to learn from it.

  14. Wonderful quote!!

  15. This is such a great list, thanks for sharing!

  16. We like “Stop Beating Yourself up” – we do tend to waste valuable time and energy when we’re stuck in a negative zone, feeding off negative vibes. Get over it and Move on!

  17. Mavenan

    jus wat i wanted to read n realise abt myslf!! thanx!!!

  18. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. Azu-nyan

    Being away from the computer might be a step in the wrong direction for me. I watch anime.

  20. DNSH

    It took me many lost nights and a hurting soul to understand what I know about love, beauty, and the things that matter most. And the one thing I have discovered is that you don’t find love, it finds you; when you’re least expecting it. Beauty shines its way through the simplest things, like street children gathering bottles on a misty morning. Or the rain drops poring outside a tea stall in the middle of a forsaken land. And peace can be found hidden in the heart of every man.

  21. I’m loving this list. One a day for 30 days for a more creative self. Looking forward to it! ~Pamela

  22. pretty cool list. and what coincidence it starts with making list. 😀

  23. Johne854

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  24. Imran

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    I’m sure you will definitely love it.

  25. mitch

    youre all retarded….i read about 3 comments but if you think you can force yourself to be creative you are an idiot

  26. Roger Wolsey

    Re: 31, “Clean your desk”, actually messiness fosters creativity. See: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2013/10/messy-desk.aspx

  27. All true and nothing new but it’s good to have the reminder

  28. Ardita Tolaj

    Break the rules! That’s the point

  29. What an excellent list! Thanks. I needed this

  30. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  31. Justine

    That is abosultely right!

  32. Good list.

    Staying creative for me tends to be about timing. I am often creative, just not always where or when I need to be.

    Here is my take:


  33. I think #32 is the most important rule. just within reason

  34. Bobbard

    #34: Make your own list and stop printing someone else’s. Having original thoughts actually doesn’t hurt at all. Try it today 😀

  35. Already carrying a notebook everywhere with me :U

  36. Why does it seem like the same self-help advice keeps floating around….over and over…. come up with new material!

  37. I pretty much do all of these. Especially love #2 and #23 …need a bit more practice on #4. Need more of #13.
    How about you other creatives? What are your favorites?

  38. This is one of the best list I ever read. The ways are effortless and surely make us more creative. Thanks for sharing it, cheers.

  39. totally have to agree with #29! Too many writers get boggled down with trying to please their readers, they forget to please themselves in the process.

  40. Captain Obvious

    What a crock of shit. Aside from being a collection of absolutely useless and shallow platitudes, anyone who needs a list like this to be “creative” likely doesn’t have the talent to be creative in the first place.

    This is a placebo for people who don’t even have the disease,

  41. Great list. I always find that going for long walks helps with creativity. I wrote my first novel in a notebook on a 2 week wilderness hike. I’ve always found hat isolation breeds creativity as it gives you a chance to really let go of everything else and have an extended dialogue with yourself.

  42. D.Bhattacharya

    19th and 20 th are the best among all.At least I think that.For me 33rd is the hardest. It is the most defecult part. To explain the 33rd I like to include another point in that list,i .e., 33.a. One should satisfied with one’s own writing. I never felt .I really have a question. How would I get rid of this 33.a point?

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