Picture of the Day

Kathy Grayson

Up All Night

Mercury Rev, Opus


Jeremy Scott x Swatch

Available through Opening Ceremony

Reminisce Over This

Special Ed, I Got It Made, 1989

Say Goodbye to the Rest of Your Day

No Layout

No Layout is a digital library for independent publishers, focusing on art books and fashion magazines.
It is meant as a support for printed publications, allowing users to flip through full content on any screen without downloads or apps. A promotional and archive tool.

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El TONO – Automatic Painting

At the Art Re-Public Festival – Yoyogi Park, Tokyo 2011

Clarks Safari Boat Shoe

Available in Ebony or Black Leather

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Way To Match the Cookies With Your Clothing

Roger Gastman gets interviewed in the Wall Street Journal

Good Oysters But No French Fries

Went to eat with my friend Drew at a quiet John Dory Oyster Bar yesterday afternoon and tried to order french fries to no avail as they aren’t on the menu. Seriously, that was unexpected.

Lunchtime Laughter

Installation View: Cleon Peterson – White Flag

White Flag is Cleon Peterson’s first solo show in NY, and it is a doozy. 14 medium to large-scale paintings that challenge the viewers, with violence and bloodshed. You’ll either love it or hate it… and we’re on the love side of this.

on view at Joshua Liner Gallery until June 11th, 2011

Lucifer Keychain

Designed by La Boca in tribute to Kenneth Anger’s movie “Lucifer Rising”

Available through Sixpack France

Encinitas Realization by Chris Johanson

Starring Tobin Yelland

Airplanes Designed Like Slave Ships

A curious observation from Steven Heller.

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Morning Dose of Ribbitdancer

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Fanny François is…

Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day

Daido Moriyama

The More You Know: How A Ponzi Scheme Works

All contained in the credits of The Other Guys

(Thanks Chas!)

“Money prefers going where other money already is”

Jerry Saltz on monetary force of Andy Warhol

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