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This Week…

We visited Cleon Peterson’s show at Joshua Liner Gallery

Star Wars Cookie Cutters were something to behold

We looked at images from Montana Cans Road Trip

We Watched a trailer for Parallel World


Fanny François made us love redheads even more

image via saturdays

The Greatest Writer Alive


The leaves have grown thick
atop the monuments
erected in memory
of horrible men
who amassed by horrible means
all of the wealth needed
to cement their legacies
as heroes.

Dallas Clayton


Lindsay Lohan: A Richard Phillips Film

Lindsay has an incredible emotional and physical presence on screen that holds an existential vulnerability, while harnessing the power of the transcendental—the moment in transition. She is able to connect with us past all of our memory and projection, expressing our own inner eminence. -Richard Phillips


Richard Phillips’ Lindsay Lohan will be included in “Commercial Break,” presented by the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Venice, Italy, June 1 – 5, 2011, concurrent with the 54th international exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

via, Gagosian Gallery

Staycation at The Mondrian SOHO

A couple weeks ago I took part in a little staycation at the Mondrian Soho. Why? Because sometimes you just need a break from normality while still being able to go about your daily life. The room I had I can only phrase as a sky palace, as the ceiling did indeed match the sky, while everything else in the room was saturated with light and white. The hotel itself is a fantasy, with it’s designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz taking cues from Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête. Along with a top notch restaurant in Imperial No. 9, that is perfect for every meal and a seductive club, Mister H, that finds itself full of models and various forms of celebrities until the lighter parts of the night, the Mondrian SOHO is your complete vacation package.

For more info, click here

Up All Night

Faith No More, Epic

Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock

If you can afford it ($399), this audio dock from Audyssey is the only audio dock that you should consider purchasing. Delivering some serious sound, it does everything you would ever need it to do, plus you can use it wirelessly with nothing actually docked in it. When it is docked, you can make phone calls from your bed or couch without really doing too much. The dock can also hook up to desktop, which means you can get some exceptional sound from whatever video or movie you’re watching. All of this and more, packaged in a good looking piece of technology.

You can read more about The South of Market here

Purchase here

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Reminisce Over This

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Summertime, 1991

20 years this song has been out… crazy, thought it was much longer.


As you’ve probably already heard by now, the Standard hotel chain has branched out into aviation by launching StndAir. Without a doubt, one of the coolest ways to get out east this summer.

More info on flights here


The Crossover

The best video about a basketball move that I’ve ever seen.

Most Rap Today Makes Me Feel This Way

A new t-shirt from our friends at African Apparel: RAP by LL Cool Jo

Available here

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Faile Gets An App to Go Along With Their Artwork

Today Faile released their Puzzle Boxes to the world. Housed in a unique, handpainted and silkscreened hinged wooden box are 88 six-sided wooden blocks that can be flipped and moved to create new images and compositions.  Always on point with their projects, a unique website and devoted iPhone app were released to complement the interactive nature of their new works of art as well.

More on the pieces here

download the app here

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Shout-Out Great NY Noodletown and Cakeman Raven

Eater gets Eddie Huang’s best post-blunt food across America

Also: From June 3rd to June 9th Eddie Huang will be taking over LTO (Limited Time Only) with a Blue Crab Dinner Series. menu (after the jump)

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Lunchtime Laughter

America’s Waitresses: Are They Hitting On You?

Burnt Out Cop Car

Vahap Avsar
Police Car, debris
Dimensions variable

On view at Charles Bank Gallery until June 19th, 2011

The World’s Best Jacket


(Thanks Toby!)

Crack & Shine

A new series on Vans Off The Wall TV with Crack & Shine International

Crack & Shine will follow the lives of some of the leading figures in the graffiti world – showing the lengths they go through to practice their art & seeing what motivates them to do it.



Incarcerated and Still Getting Up

Revok on the front page of the The Wall Street Journal

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Morning Dose of Floating Chicago

A collection of mirrored skyline timelapses by Craig Shimala

Kate Moss Thursdays

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