Picture of the Day

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Every Street Sign in Manhattan

That’s a lot of signs.

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Street Fighters

More posters need to be made like this.

See it big here

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Babes of Yore: Mireille Darc

Mireille Darc is a French Model and Actress.


Up All Night

Arcadia, Election Day

Jonas Bevacqua, Rest In Peace

Sad news as we have learned that Jonas Bevacqua co-founder and creative director of LRG has passed away.

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Reminisce Over This

A Tribe Called Quest, Check the Rhime, 1991

**Gonna try to only use songs from ’86, ’91, ’96, and maybe ’01 until labor day.  Requests accepted.

Gif Magic

Aakash Nihalani

A Tale of Disturbing Excess

Nick Cave & UNKLE join forces to create an American Psycho music video for Money and Run.

The Bag These Come In Is Really Cool

Wetsuit material.

Havaianas + Michael Bastian Flip Flops

Guillow’s Balsa Wood Airplane Design Studio

Design your own plane and fly’em high.

Kit comes with over 35 parts (balsawood wings, tails & bodies, plastic parts, rubber motors, etc)

Available here

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The Ice Cream Sandwich Was Invented By A Pushcart Peddler in the Bowery in 1899

Now you know. Those things are delicious.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Haters Gonna Hate



Wisdom is a soothing book by Andrew Zuckerman featuring portraits, thoughts, and lessons learned from the over-65 set of luminaries. This 2011 edition published by Abrams features new interviews with Yoko Ono, Jeanne Moreau, and Helmut Jahn.

Available here

The Style Wars Restoration Project Ebay auction

If by some unlikely occurrence the lots by the likes of Steve Powers, Eric Haze, Todd James, or Shepard Fairey don’t do it for you, maybe the signed photo by Brad Pitt or the odd door piece by James Franco will tickle your fancy.

Support Style Wars if you can afford to.

See all the lots here

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Cops Acting Like Pigs

Apparently there is some insane law in DC where you’re not allowed to dance inside of memorials. In the video above you can watch police use excessive force (including a bodyslam, and chokehold) to arrest some cheesy, idiotic dudes dancing. Park Police in DC are the worst.

(Thanks Seaby!)

The Dumbest Thing I Heard All Weekend

From Reuters:

“The Dutch government on Friday said it would start banning tourists from buying cannabis from “coffee shops” and impose restrictions on Dutch customers by the end of the year.”

Pictured above is Barney’s, a great first stop in the Dutch capital.


Morning Dose of Rad Things Off of Ramps

Congratulations to Jed Mildon for landing the world’s first Triple Backflip at the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in Taupo, New Zealand over the weekend. And also congrats to Team Hot Wheels for a branded world record for distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle.

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Gil Scott-Heron, Rest in Peace

For those of you who vacated all types of media since Friday, you’ll be sad to learn that Gil Scott-Heron passed away at the age of 62.

The New Yorker has a pretty great write-up on the brilliant mind, which you can read here

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