California Girls

Warriors of Radness stays on point and message.

The Boz

For no apparent reason.

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Up All Night

Surf Punks, My Beach, 1983

A Primer on Models and Their Interests

W Mag has a weekly column on their site aptly titled This Week’s Model. It’s a pretty great way to familiarize yourself with the girls, and figure out how in a chance encounter to steer the conversation in your direction and not make it awkward. TWBE fave Jacquelyn Jablonski (above) is this week’s participant.

Reminisce Over This

Fugees, Vocab, 1994

“They Both Get Grind Up In The End.”

That mighty Ultimate Fast Food Showdown wall from a couple weeks ago gets the video treatment from LRG. Nice work again everybody!

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Somebody Didn’t Get an Easter Basket…

(Thanks André!)

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Doesn’t Seem Like It Would Be Too Comfortable…

Although you never know?

Luigi Semeraro‘s Scrap Spray Paint Can Chair.

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Left Field Hippie Polo

Good looks from Brooklyn-based Left Field.

Available at Context

via, kempt

Pizza Margherita at Lil’ Frankies

Won one of these on twitter yesterday (@lilfrankies). Satisfyingly demolished. Thanks Lil’Frankies!

Lunchtime Laughter

(Thanks Ryan!)

Smash 137, Wane One, Egs

The weather was nice in Queens yesterday afternoon.

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