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Iggy Pop, Sixteen

Charlie Finch Just Got A Whole New Group of Fans


Here is just a brief section regarding his rides on Metro North:

“As artworks they are poor, yet every one is a profile in courage. Courage that some poor souls would even dare to patrol these damned, forbidden spaces, much less even attempt to create something. Courage to leave a mark as symbol of absence: the absence of caring, the absence of a job, the absence of themselves moving on, even the absence that is death. Lately, someone has been tagging in ragged purple, just the word “Bones” over and over again near Morris Heights, but everything else you see is pretty ordinary.”

Read more on Artnet

photo by Luna Park


Reminisce Over This

Black Moon performing I Got Cha Opin Live at The Apollo in 1993

Takin’ It Back to the Good Ol’ Days

Vintage Mongoose is a site dedicated to the visual history of Mongoose.

Saber, The American Graffiti Artist

Smooth promo video shot by Willie T for Saber‘s upcoming show at Opera Gallery next week.



Motörhead Beachball

Chicks need to be having this on the beach this summer.

via, dangerousminds

“100% creative control of all aspects of their music, art, and release schedule with no 3rd party participation in outside business”

Odd Future signs a kind of record deal that should’ve been in place since day one.

A Quick Walkthrough of a Side of Beef

Lunchtime Laughter

Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of “Fast Five”

Grotesk – A Decade of Swiss Design Lost in Brooklyn

This is a well designed retrospective of Grotesk‘s illustration and design work. The book is real fun to page through.

Add it to your library here

Polo Ralph Lauren Tropical Rhino Print Swim Trunk

Oh man, these are so tight. I saw this Tropical Rhino print on a Polo shirt over the weekend deep in Brooklyn, and am sad I did not pick it up since it’s not online.

Buy here


They Couldn’t Have Used a Better Rollerskating Rink

Seriously, it’s perfect. And not that I know him but, from pictures I’ve seen, the dude kinda looks like Jamie O’Shea.

87 Dreams of a Lifetime by Artistic Freestyle Board Skater Daniel Gesmer. Originally shot for Public Domain in 1988.

via, theblaaahg

180 days

Revok’s sentence after the judge found him to have “violated his probation on a misdemeanor vandalism charge by failing to pay adequate restitution to his victims.”

More at the LA Times

Morning Dose of the Human Cannonball

David “The Bullet” Smith

Early Names of Popular Bands

For instance, Joy Division was first billed as Stiff Kittens.

See them all here

Picture of the Day


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Makes Total Sense

Cats in Cherry Blossom trees

Sucker For Good Music and Babes

A nice video by Casey Randerson for our friend Marial aka Seasick Mama

Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Try before you buy. Listen below.

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