KAWS x The Standard Hotel Light Bulb Haiku Giveaway

We were blessed by The Standard last Thursday when they presented to us a set of KAWS’ lightbulbs to giveaway to a lucky reader. Our server however had other plans, and went down for a week. In that time, the lightbulbs sold out.  The awesome thing though is that we still have the lightbulbs to give away.  To make it interesting, you’re going to have to write a haiku to score the unopened, coveted set. In the comments, write a haiku (5,7,5) based around KAWS, The Standard, Lightbulbs, or just why this would make your life better. The contest will run until February 4th, 2011. After that, our favorite Haiku will be picked as the winner February 7th, 2011.  Enter as many times as you like but, please do not get slanderous. That’s just boring.

Here’s a sample:

The Standard and Kaws
After Thomas Edison
Made Lightbulbs as Art

If you’re having trouble with syllables, check this site out.

Good luck.

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  1. See my unabridged
    and unflinching utterance
    “Kaws hath my torch lit”

  2. eckotyper

    the new standard look
    came and gone before i bought
    i cry in sorrow

  3. Ce soir dans le bain
    avec Kaws et MF DOOM
    a plus dans le bus

  4. Richard L

    XX Is The Sign
    Illuminating Within
    I’m Dead Too

  5. dusty bottoms

    i don’t want the bulbs
    i am just competitive
    bathroom lights are out

  6. Leave it to Kaws, make
    me reminisce over this
    loss of a lover

  7. Chip

    The Standard Kaws Shines
    The World’s Best Lightbulbs Divine
    Ever Wonder Why?

  8. Kenvas

    The World’s Best Ever
    Giving Away Kaws Light Bulbs
    To who will it go?

  9. Eugene

    Kaws sets the standard
    What a jolly good fella
    Bringing smile to all

  10. kenvas

    Trying my utmost
    To come out with a haiku
    And win the Kaws Bulbs

  11. kenvas

    To win the Kaws bulbs
    Is the greatest gift of all
    Lighting up my life

  12. kenvas

    Kaws the almighty
    Showing off his skills for all
    Lighting up our lives

  13. Garry

    Kaws lightbulbs
    Make my heartbulb
    Boil in need

    Standartly sun raises
    Kaws lightbulbs to turn off
    No need for art

    Night is happiness
    My folks are here
    Kaws bulbs be on

    Ten million people
    In front of my door now
    Kaws creation to turn on

    Cross your heart
    Come close to Kaws lightbulbs
    Shut eyes – cross you see

  14. Anthony

    The World’s Best Ever,
    I Promise I Won’t Flip These
    Like Everyone Else

  15. Nati

    Kaws what a delight
    produce art installations
    illuminate life

  16. Troy

    Shrouded in a shell
    Vibrant characters glow soft
    As unwatching eyes

  17. BW

    Under a black line
    Ex out my eyes like Murdock
    I am Bart Kimpson

  18. give me these light bulbs,
    then i’ll flip them on ebay,
    and buy you whiskey.

  19. do these even work?!
    i mean kaws is real awesome,
    but do they make light?

  20. kaws and the standard,
    made some fancy ass light bulbs,
    break ’em and free base!

  21. last minute entries…
    trying to win these light bulbs.
    that kaws has designed.

  22. Jason

    Did we pick a winner yet? Congrats to whomever it may be.

  23. Will we ever know who won? I’m super curious now.

  24. Jason

    Guess not. Bummer

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