STAG ONE – Special Task Airgroup One

All of this talk about drones recently made me think back to a little known project developed by the Navy that my grandfather, Norman Tengstrom, helped work on during WWII called STAG-1.  It was essentially the first unmanned, “radio controlled, radar guided and television aimed Assault Drone.”

From the site:

“On 27 September 1944, a TDR-1 Assault Drone launched and staged a combat attack against an enemy target; the success of this first true guided missile marked a new era in modern warfare.”

For more information and a better understanding of the Stag One project, click here

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  1. James Thompson


    My Grandfather was the Naval Flight Surgeon for this squadron/program. His name was Robert M Bolton. He died not long after WWII so I never knew him. But my mom talked vaguely about this program. She was only 16 when the war ended. The STAG ONE website is down. Where else could I possibly get more information about this work and what they accomplished?

    Thanks for remembering this little part of history.


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