Roger Gastman’s Update from Eastern Europe

Here are a few pictures from my trip (that I am still on) to Slovakia – yes I said Slovakia. When I got the call I was like – wait did I learn where that place is in geography class in school? I thought it was a joke. But it worked out – here we are – me POSE and SABER. It is actually kind of awesome here – well at least what I have seen so far. And I got to eat strawberry risotto – dats rights! So all you people reading this that are like shit – I want to break into that guys house – he is away – NO GO! I gots the dogs – and I got a person and persons staying there 24 hrs a day. Back to Slovakia – I wonder if there are vampires here?

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    And a 300 year-old pug on crack.

  2. Zidzo

    acually i am from Slovakia ^^

  3. richie

    That looks more like creamed rice, not risotto…

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