Roger Gastman goes to the Movies

I’m writing this from an airport in Germany. Yesterday I saw the film The American. I had read and heard great things about it. But it sucked. Like sucked real bad. Like I wanted to walk out. I don’t know what the plot is – why things happen and why did they make this movie? I know I am far from the smartest guy in the world – shit even on my own block. Best thing about the film – a nice pair of tits that are real. But not worth a ticket. Ban this movie. F-.

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  1. theonlyopinionyouneedtoread

    the main reason you didn’t like this is the reason i wouldn’t have liked this movie had i not been prepared. you expected an action movie.. not a film that had some violence in it. the whole point of the movie was cinematography, quietly watching the character evolve and seeing a little action. this is a film… not a movie. if you didn’t like old country for old men then you won’t like this one.
    i will say they marketed it to put buts in the seats and most will hate it cause they are expecting something else.

  2. blkbrrry

    you hit the nail on the head. i actually really enjoyed this movie. the story so simple and interesting.

    and about those tits….a an actor friend of mine shacked up w/her for a period of time, after they met on a set of a film. he did this behind my girlfriends back, who he dated for 5 years. in the end, he lost them both. needless to say, one reason i was interested in seeing this flick.

  3. Delano

    This must be the most stupid film review I have ever read. And really disappointing that TWBE would let a moron write a review.
    I don’t care if you personally like it or hate it.
    But calling for a ban because you’re too stupid to understand the film is real proof of Roger Gastman’s incompetence to write anything about this subject.

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