Sushi Etiquette

Re-published from December 2009

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  1. I read this once and for a few months felt guilty about my terrible etiquette. But I\’m already back to my old ways because FUCK THAT I LOVE MY WASABI-SOUP-CONCOCTION SOAKING INTO MY RICE!

    I\’m so embarrassing. Can\’t take me anywhere.

  2. Meaghan

    I too read this and felt guilty for my poor etiquette. But then I remind myself this is ‘merica bitches! I’ll eat like a barbarian if I want!

  3. crunch

    Most of the “don’t” section is wrong.

  4. I’m from the land of sushi and I dunk my sushi in a big pool of soy sauce because I want my sushi to be nice and salty enough. I prefer eating my sushi the way I want instead of looking right.

  5. adasc

    This is just more of the same, BS, over-exoticizing of Japan that we’ve seen before. As much as a Japan native may agree with these in theory, the practice is a different story – eat your sushi and sashimi however the fuck you want, people. Nice illustration though.

  6. Love this. Never will I put my ginger on top of my sushi again. Thanks!

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