Steve Nazar

Steve Nazar is the man behind some of the greatest T-shirt Graphics and characters of all-time for T&C Surf Designs. Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool, Primal Pete, and the Pray For Surf Guys, all classic. I am super-psyched that Steve has made available some original drawings and prints of these graphics that were previously archived. They are affordable as well, so you should jump on over to his site to own a piece of surf history.
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  1. Dell

    This was one of the biggest fashion statements growing up as a kid. There used to be an Hawaiian Island Creations stores about three stores from the Town and Country at Ala Moana but I never stepped foot in there. I prefered to drag my mom to T&C and convince her to buy me a Thrilla Gorilla shirt everytime! Then when I got older I asked them where are the characters we loved soo much as a kid. All they had were boring t-shirt til this day! Bummers…

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