Alligator Feeding Frenzy

“I ain’t never seen so many gators in my life!” For real.

In the swamps of Okefenokee in Georgia.

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  1. erik


  2. Kuska

    What a jerk!
    Should be arrested!
    Just imagine how many get hurt by the engine blades.

  3. Dale


    Getting arrested for driving a boat down a perfectly legal river is ridiculous. It’s not like he was going more than 4-5 miles an hour. If a gator can’t get out of the way of a 5 mile an hour boat in time to miss a rotating blade the size of a dinner plate, chances are it was one of the stupid ones and deserves to die. Besides there’s so many of them, whats the harm in reducing the population a bit? None. Gator soup for errbody!

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