Vote for your favorite Kate Moss T-Shirt Design

After a week of deliberation, we have shortlisted the entries from our Kate Moss T-shirt design contest. Thank you to all of the talented folk who submitted designs, here are the 10 we chose. Voting will be available until Sunday, August 8th at 11:59 pm (EST). So, get to it and cast your vote now

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  1. George

    wow. i should have sent mine in. these all really blow.

  2. Daniel Julien’s design is the best.

  3. amit


  4. kresing

    yes, that´s it! kate for life, t-shirt for all.

  5. Daniel Julien, hands down. Very nice design!

  6. seb


  7. bryan garza

    Nice one Pfleeger!

  8. St0f

    I concur, George. Mine were at least as good…

  9. Jo

    TILLTILLTILL! Perfect shot!

  10. nerve

    kate moss + janet jackson tits = daniel julien!!!!!!

  11. b. pax

    lobster lobster has to have this one. if you really need tits please at least go for eric pfeeleeger.

  12. stefan kaetz


  13. Nick

    I don’t like any of these. Waif and Destroy could be cool but the picture sucks.

  14. KLUKE

    Lovin lobster lobster’s………… It pops!

  15. Axwell

    Can’t believe you didn’t pick my designs.
    But then again, SK8 MOSS rocks.

  16. CKy

    Sk8 Moss def. is the one i would wear next to 1. and 8.

  17. Yep this design wipes the floor with the other toss designs, If you don’t crown lobster lobster the winner I will bomb your house

  18. Liam

    Lobster Lobster to win…..absolute genius!! Kate right down to a tee….I’d buy it!

  19. Shoulda sent mine in. These all suck cept the Daniel Juilen one.

  20. ellen williams

    Oliver’s is awesome.

  21. laurie

    Lobster wins hands down.he’s da bomb.blat blat.

  22. David White



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