Kate Moss Thursday: T-shirt Design Contest Edition

We’ve been doing Kate Moss Thursdays so long, that we decided we should commemorate the iconic, sexy greatness that is Kate Moss in another form besides the internet. T-shirts. Two t-shirts to be exact, and we want you to design them.

We are holding a t-shirt contest based on Kate Moss, and we are letting you decide what design should be on one of the shirts. Since we’re control freaks, we’ll pick one as well. That gives you two chances one chance to make a great shirt, and feel like a winner in the process.

Here’s the rules

the T-shirt Design

•Must contain Kate Moss in some way, shape, or form (duh)

•Must be made for a white t-shirt

•Design has a maximum of 4 colors

•No all-over prints or full panel

•photographs must be in halftone

Winner(s) get $200 cash, 1 month of a free 300 x 50 ad on our site (whatever you want, just no freaky sex, or poo stuff ($500 value)), World’s Best Ever Notoriety, and a t-shirt for you and someone else.

The contest will be open until Sunday July 25th, 2010 at 11:59 am. We’ll shortlist the contestants down, and have the public vote on the best design beginning July 30th.

Sound Good?

Submit your artwork as a jpg in the highest resolution possible by Sunday July 25th, 2010 at 11:59 am

to katemoss (at) theworldsbestever (dot) com


By submitting your artwork/design you are agreeing to allow us to print and sell the design on a t-shirt through our webstore on the internet.

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  1. anthony

    Can the winner have the option of just getting $700?

  2. Hi there,

    Where do we need to upload the designs in? and I was wondering if we actually need to print the designs on a shirt and then send you the pictures.


  3. the enablist

    no need to print Ardavan, a simple jpeg’ll do real nice.


  4. Fun contest, I think I will try a design.

  5. Is there a limit to how many designs we may enter?

    Many thanks.

  6. the enablist

    Nathaniel, there is No limit

  7. Matt

    How do I submit my design for the Kate Moss t-shirt?

  8. the enablist

    email it to katemoss (at) theworldsbestever (dot) com

  9. will you be having an Adriana Lima contest of the sort? i’d be sooo down for that

  10. the enablist

    not just yet but maybe in the future

  11. Do you require the TWBE Logo or Kate Moss written out in the design?

    Thank you.

  12. Tony

    What about copywrite?

  13. the enablist

    Carl, it doesn’t require a logo or the words Kate Moss. Thanks for your interest

  14. the enablist

    Tony, Don’t worry about copyright, right now.

  15. matt

    should we, or should we definitely?
    also, and/or including, etc…

  16. A

    the money is $200 im from the UK can i still enter and you can convert the money?

  17. Sean(@Itsreally_Sb)

    This is exciting!

  18. MANNY

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s designs!

  19. Till

    When will the shortlist be anounced? Cool Contest!

  20. Also waiting for the shortlist <3

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