¡SLENSKE! on ad placement and brand affiliation

File this under out-of-touch brands desperately trying to market themselves to that oh-so-covetable MePa-frequenting douchebag demo. In a stroke of branding genius the hair care wizards at American Crew (you know, they made the pomade you wore in junior high before realizing pomade was relegated to the Jersey Shore crowd) decided to paint over one of Conor Harrington’s brilliant murals, which has stood unscathed on the corner of 13th and Washington — in fact one company went so far as to paint their ad on a sheet of removable particle board so as not to harm it — since 2008’s Outsiders show. The only redeeming factor? The brain trust at Crew positioned their ad to look like Harrington’s Revolutionary soldier is taking aim at their idiotic slogan. And to answer their question: no, Manhattan doesn’t cause hair loss, lame-ass brands who mindlessly ruin great pieces of street art do. —Michael Slenske

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  1. 1000songs

    Here is what it looked like BEFORE: http://maketimetodesign.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/conor-wall-ny-12.jpg

    And here is what it looked like when the “temporary” (and totally illegal) ad went up over it previously.


  2. Johnny Gage

    I strongly urge all TWBE readers to go over to american crews website and send an e-mail congratulating them on finding new ways to be completely retarded.

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