Roger Gastman Mourns the Death of Gary Coleman

Los Angeles, CA, May 28, 2010 — Gary Coleman, the star of the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, died this morning, after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

The news of Coleman’s death has deeply saddened Roger Gastman, creative director of R. Rock Enterprises and co-founder of Swindle and While You Were Sleeping magazines.

In 1999, Coleman was featured in issue 9 of Gastman’s While You Were Sleeping magazine. In the article, Coleman discussed his career, spirituality, and openly admitted that he was still a virgin at 32. “Still a virgin and counting,” he laughed. “Women just don’t pay attention to me.” He also discussed his two kidney transplants, saying, “Having a kidney is like having a pet, and I don’t like pets.”

In 2001, Coleman and Gastman team up for three days during the Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV, to promote While You Were Sleeping magazine. “It was the best three days of my life,” Gastman says.

Gastman grew up watching Diff’rent Strokes, and admired the child actor in his role as Arnold, as well as Coleman’s work in movies such as Midgets vs. Mascots.

“This is a sad day,” Gastman concludes. “I miss him already.”

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