Inspected Gadget: Rain Headphones by thinksound

thinksound sent us a set of rain earplug headphones to check out. You know when the music feels like it’s right inside your head? That’s what these do.

Audio quality was even overall, and I mean that in a good way – I liked that the bass was present in the midrange and strong at the lowend, but not so strong that it muddied everything up or broke apart. I cranked up some older stuff like the Beatles’ white album, early Teenage Fanclub – you know, music that is not super compressed and has more dynamic range than today’s recordings do – and it sounded good even right after stuff like Fantomas, where I was testing for that horrible ripping sound when headphone drivers just can’t keep up. Most importantly I could listen to just about anything at a normal volume on the NYC subway and feel somewhat isolated but not completely closed off from the world.

Quality construction was apparent as soon as I opened the package. 9mm drivers, silver cherry wood. Definitely nice looking, pretty “neutral” feeling in the ears, and I never felt like i had to reposition the headphones for better audio or bass response. Wiring is pretty standard stuff, but all the attachments are pretty solid. Not like Sony headphones that rip at the seams after less than a year of use. See that silver cylinder at the cable split? The left and right ear cables are split inside that – protecting against ripping the wires apart. The plug is designed to work in first-gen iPhones if that’s your thing.

Accessories included: small, medium, and extra large ear plugs (large were already on the headphones); clip for wires, and a little burlap baggie.

Not too shabby. thinksound rain headphones.

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  1. Gary Mitchell

    Please could you tell me the colour code for wiring the Jack Plug

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