Babes of Yore: Connie Kreski

Connie Kreski was Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 1969

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

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  1. 1000songs

    The pink Shelby is hella cool

  2. She was clearly gorgeous

  3. Skuter

    Connie was my room-mate in Ann Arbor..and a good friend..sorely missed.

  4. mark

    My cousin, glad to see she is still remembered.

  5. Jeb

    She was one of the most beautiful woman to every grace the PB magazine.

  6. Bob Donati

    I’m not a computer person, I only hope that this gets posted. Connie was SO beautiful and “nice” looking that I have never seen a woman who could hold a candle to her in Playboy or anywhere else. She was so erotically sensual while looking like the girl next door. These days there is no such thing as “glamor” photography. She IS missed.

  7. Keith

    She was the Playmate in the first copy of Playboy that I ever bought. She is, in my estimation, just the most beautiful of all the Playmates that there have been since that date. I had the4 centrefold pinned to my wall at college, but lost it when moving on. Happily, I managed to get a copy of that edition on eBay just last year and was able to see her pictures again – and to reconfirm that she is simply the best ever – in Playboy, or out of it. Sad to hear that she is no longer with us – her memory will live on.

  8. Bobby Bleu

    She was a striking blond back in the day, one of many Playboy found I know she made me dorm wall during my senior year. But come on guys we all know why we remember her, what it was that made our eyes glaze over. It was those big puffy all day suckers on the top of her beautiful tits. They were what we all remember, and dreamt about. To bad about here premature passing.

  9. I painted Connies portrait back in the early 70s, she was going out with Victor Lownes at the time and she commisioned me to do it for his birthday. She wanted it to be a surprise for him, so i had to go around to the house in Conaughlt square London for the sittings during the day when Victor was at work. It was to big to take away and bring back each day so it was hidden under their bed. There was nothing erotic about the painting it was slightly surreal though. They broke up shortly after and he sold it to my parents, when my mum died i got it back and still have it. I knew her quite well, she was very warm and lovely woman. She was very kind to me and always made me feel welcome at some of their dinners or parties as did Victor {who I have to thank for furthering my career by my paintings for about 4 years running, in the late 60s early 70s and introduced me to Godfrey Pilkington of the Piccadilly Galleries,Cork st.where I ha dmy 1st solo show.} I was very sorry to hear of her passing at such an early age.

  10. mackenzie

    she was my cousin. and passed away only months before i was born.. but based on the things i’m reading, she must have been amazing.. and my lord she is beautiful..

  11. Skuter

    My friend and college roommate…Rest in Peace Connie.

  12. Can someone credible clue me in on her life from 1972 – ’95? Absolutely NOTHING on the internet.

  13. Bob

    She worked for my father at the Wyandotte Theatre in the early 60s. She was an Ushertte and I have a photo of her in her uniform. She looked somewhat different then. I really have no memories of her as I was a toddler at the time.

  14. Bob

    I really have no other info

  15. Skuter, Mark, Bob, Mackenzie Please contact me. I have a friend who is authoring a book about Connie.

  16. Jim

    She was my cousin. She died when I was 10. Rest in peace.

  17. Many say she was one of the most beautiful Playmates ever. I have
    to amend that to THE most beautiful playmate ever. Even in the PB reunion years after she donned the pages in 1968 she was STILL the most beautiful EVER. It is such a shame she left us so young. Bet you at 70+ she’d still be beautiful.

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