Alpa Cameras

I had lunch with one of my favorite Germans yesterday, and amongst other things talked about, we spoke of cameras.  He showed me this fantastic beast made by Alpa, a Swiss camera manufacturer for “those who can tell the difference between price and value.” It’s definitely one of the coolest cameras I’ve seen, and the thing weighs a ton which somehow makes it extra special.

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  1. Josh

    A ton? I thought the point was that it had large format lenses and weighed less than 6×7 slr?

    Still a great camera when a view camera is impractical.

  2. Compaired to the point and shoot that most likely took this picture the Alpa would weigh a ton. Great camera company! I wonder what the favorite German was shooting with it.

  3. fadel alshire

    Dear Alpa people I would like to refer you to a book.It is Medium and Large Format Photography by Roger Hicks and his partnerFrances Schultz,published byDavid & Charles,in England,They say that most of the PHotographs where taken by Alpa .Do you know ,and if so do you know which model.I am a photographer and writer about photography in Arabic language.Do you know how much is it?Film no digital?where can I get a used one ?Looking forward to hear from you sincerely Fadel

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